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Hjort-Olars is a small family-run cafe, where everyone in the Lind family helps when they can. Eva-Karin and Thomas keep the cafe open all year round - baking, administering and marketing. Or fixing up the garden and repairing garden furniture when needed. Daughters Amanda and Emilia have worked at Hjort-Olars during summers and holidays. Now they help remotely. Amanda has trained as a pastry chef at Le Cordon Bleu in London and works as Pastry Manager at Harrods in London, but contributes with baking inspiration and fixes the website. Emilia, who is studying to become a teacher in Uppsala, is the one who designs nice gift cards and labels for cookie bags. Sometimes they pop up when needed the most!


We ourselves are real "fikalovers" and can travel many miles to experience that little something extra. And we have always liked to bake, take pictures and run joint projects as a family. So when we heard in 2016 that Floda Hembygdsföreningen needed the help of non-profit forces to keep the cafe open in the summer, we jumped at the chance. It added more flavor and we jumped in for the coming summers as well. Since Easter 2019, we rent Hjort-Olars from Hembygdsföreningen and run the cafe under our own auspices.

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